English name Triethylamine
Alias N,N-Diethylethylamine
CAS RN 121-44-8
EINECS number 204-469-4
Molecular formula C6H15N
Molecular weight 101.1918
Dangerous goods sign  F: Flammable
 C: Corrosive
Risk term R11 ;  R20/21/22 ;  R35 ;
Security term S16 ;  S26 ;  S29 ;  S3 ;  S36/37/39 ;  S45 ;
Physical and chemical properties

Density 0.728
Melting point -115°C
Boiling point 90°C
Refractive index 1.399-1.401
Flash point -11°C
Water solubility 133 g/L (20°C)

Uses Used in the manufacture of medicines, pesticides, polymerization inhibitors, high-energy fuels, rubber vulcanizing agents, etc.
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