Bromoacetyl bromide  

English name Bromoacetyl bromide
CAS RN 598-21-0
EINECS number 209-923-5
Molecular formula C2H2Br2O
Molecular weight 201.8447
Dangerous goods sign  C: Corrosive
Risk term R14 ;  R34 ;
Security term S25 ;  S30 ;  S36/37/39 ;  S45 ;  S8 ;
Physical and chemical properties Property Colorless, transparent or slightly yellow liquid.
Boiling point 147~150℃
Relative density
2.317 Refractive index 1.5475
Solubility soluble in benzene, ether and chloroform.
Uses Used as a pharmaceutical intermediate for organic synthesis
Bromoacetyl bromide
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