English name Bromobenzene
Alias Monobromobenzene; bromobenzene; brominated benzene, monobromobenzene, phenyl bromide; brominated benzene
CAS RN 108-86-1
EINECS number 203-623-8
Molecular formula C6H5Br
Molecular weight 157
Dangerous goods sign  Xi:Irritant
 N:Dangerous for the environment
Risk term R10 ;  R38 ;  R51/53 ;
Security term S61 ;
Physical and chemical properties Property Colorless oily liquid.
Melting point -31℃,
boiling point 156℃,
relative density 1.49,
refractive index 1.5590,
solubility insoluble in water, soluble in organic solvents such as benzene, alcohol, ether, chlorobenzene, etc.
Uses Used in the synthesis of medicines, pesticides, dyes, etc.
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