Phosphorus tribromide  

English name Phosphorus tribromide
Alias Phosphorus Bromide; Phosphorus(III) Bromide
CAS RN 7789-60-8
EINECS number 232-178-2
Molecular formula PBr3
Molecular weight 270.6858
Dangerous goods sign  C: Corrosive
Risk term R14 ;  R34 ;  R37 ;  R40 ;
Security term S26 ;  S36/37 ;  S45 ;
Physical and chemical properties Property Colorless fuming liquid. There is a pungent smell.
Boiling point: 172.9℃;
freezing point: -40℃;
relative density: 2.852g/cm3;
solubility: soluble in ether, chloroform, carbon disulfide, carbon tetrachloride and acetone.
Uses Used in organic synthesis, used as brominating agent and reducing agent, etc.
Phosphorus tribromide
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