Acetic acid  

English name Acetic acid
Alias Acetic acid; glacial acetic acid; acid (food grade); glacial acetic acid; acetic acid, anhydrous
CAS RN 64-19-7
EINECS number 200-580-7
Molecular formula C2H4O2
Molecular weight 60.05
Dangerous goods sign  C: Corrosive
Risk term R10 ;  R35 ;
Security term S23 ;  S26 ;  S45 ;
Physical and chemical properties Property is a colorless transparent liquid with a pungent odor.
Melting point: 16.635°C;
boiling point: 117.9°C;
relative density: 1.0492;
refractive index: 1.3716;
flash point: 57°C;
solubility; miscible with water, ethanol, benzene and ether; insoluble in carbon disulfide.
Uses Mainly used for the preparation of Acetic anhydride, vinyl acetate, acetates, metal acetates, chloroacetic acid, cellulose acetate, etc., used for the production of ethyl acetate, edible flavors, wine flavors, etc. Used as analytical reagents, solvents and soaking Agent
acetic acid
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