Methyl alcohol  

English name Methyl alcohol
Alias Wood spirit; wood alcohol; wood alcohol; refined methanol; methanol (refined); methanol (anhydrous); anhydrous methanol
CAS RN 67-56-1;170082-17-4
EINECS number 200-659-6
Molecular formula CH4O
Molecular weight 32.04
Dangerous goods sign  F:Flammable
Risk term R11 ;  R23/24/25 ;  R39/23/24/25 ;
Security term S16 ;  S36/37 ;  S45 ;  S7 ;
Physical and chemical properties Property Colorless, transparent, flammable and volatile polar liquid. The pure product has a slight smell of ethanol, and the crude product is pungent and unpleasant.
Melting point: -97.8°C;
boiling point: 64.7°C;
relative density: 0.7914;
refractive index: 1.3287;
flash point: 16°C;
solubility; miscible with water, ethanol, ether, benzene, ketones and most other organic solvents.
Uses Used as basic organic raw material, solvent and antifreeze. Mainly used to make formaldehyde, flavors, dyes, medicine, gunpowder, antifreeze, etc.
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