English name Phosphorus,red
Alias Red phosphorus; phosphorus; microencapsulated red phosphorus flame retardant; microencapsulated red phosphorus; phosphorus powder
CAS RN 7723-14-0
EINECS number 231-768-7
Molecular formula H3P
Molecular weight 30.9738
Dangerous goods sign  F: Flammable
Risk term R11 ;  R16 ;  R52/53 ;
Security term S43C ;  S61 ;  S7 ;
Physical and chemical properties Property Purple-red cubic crystal or amorphous powder with metallic luster.
Melting point: 590°C;
boiling point: 280°C;
relative density: 2.34;
solubility: soluble in Phosphorus tribromide and sodium hydroxide; insoluble in water, carbon disulfide, ammonia and ether.
Uses Used for making matches, pyrotechnics, phosphoric acid, phosphorus compounds, medicines, pesticides, incendiary bombs and organic synthesis, etc. Used as a diffusion source in the semiconductor industry, used in the reduction reaction of hydroiodic acid in organic analysis, and used in organic synthesis
red phosphorus
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