English name N-methylaniline
Alias Methylaniline; Methylaniline; Toluidine (mixture); Toluidine
CAS RN 100-61-8
EINECS number 202-870-9
Molecular formula C7H9N
Molecular weight 107.1531
Dangerous goods sign  T:Toxic
 N:Dangerous for the environment
Risk term R23/24/25 ;  R33 ;  R50/53 ;
Security term S28A ;  S36/37 ;  S45 ;  S60 ;  S61 ;
Physical and chemical properties Property Colorless to reddish brown oily flammable liquid.
Melting point -57℃,
boiling point 196.25℃,
relative density 0.9891,
refractive index 1.5684,
solubility, slightly soluble in water, soluble in ethanol, ether, and chloroform.
Uses Used as dye intermediate
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